September is the time of year for harvesting the fruits of a gardener’s year, making all the hard work worthwhile. An abundance of jewel-like tomatoes with whimsical names: Orange Banana, Green Vernissage, Paul Robeson, Kumato, Blue Beauty, Sungold, Galina, Urbikany. An array of beans: purple French beans, Cherokee trail of tears, Yin Yang beans, Purple […]

September Garden Harvest

Seedy Spring in the Garden

Planning crop rotations, digging in compost, preparing raised beds outside and in the polytunnel. Sourcing new and rare seeds; planting and germinating them in the propagator; potting on and hardening off seedlings – all part of the growers cycle at this time of year. April is probably the busiest but also the most exciting month in the gardeners […]

germinated seedlings