Yoga Retreats

Saturday Morning Yoga with Rose Thorn

Saturday mornings 10am-1pm followed by lunch.

2019 Dates:                                       Booking Form

16th Feb.  16th March. 13th April.  18th May.  15rd June.  20th July.  31st Aug.  12th Oct.  16th Nov.

Fees: Each workshop is £32 / £28 concessions (including lunch)

These morning yoga retreats are an opportunity for you to take time out from your busy lives and deepen your practice of yoga; a calming space for you to enliven your body, mind and spirit and find harmony.

“The practice of yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom.” Patanjali 1:13 (Alistair Shearer translation)

Together we will gently explore the asanas/postures, pranayama/breath and dhyana/meditation to settle the mind into stillness. All bodies, experience or ability are welcome.

Previously participants have said:

Slowing down and going inside is always helpful for me as I am always so busy!”
“this is time for me  to focus on my body and to tune into its intelligence and feel my potential”

The morning will be followed by a nourishing and delicious vegetarian lunch at 1pm.

 Fees: Each workshop is £32 / £28 concessions (including lunch)  A non-returnable £10 deposit will confirm your place.  £20 discount available if booking all nine retreats.

Rose Thorn trained with the Inner Yoga Trust and continues to pass on the teachings inspired by Scaravelli. She has a playful and gentle approach to all aspects of yoga which help to encourage ones curiosity, openness and spontaneity.

She has been running Yoga retreats at Over the Rainbow for seven years and teaches weekly classes at Hermon, Tegryn and St Dogmaels. She currently assists on the IYT Teacher Training course in Pembrokeshire.


Yoga at Imbolc: 2 – 6 February 2019

Residential Retreat with Jenny Beeken 

The Festival of Awakening is a time of new beginnings, hope, cleansing and healing. During this four day retreat you will explore through asana, pranayama and meditation how the connection of the energies within the landscape influence and can shift the life force within. The teaching will help you to recognise those inner promptings and bring to fruition your deepest aspirations, hopes and dreams.

  • Asana – the movement of energy through the chakras and how that shifts your whole consciousness
  • Mudra – how attitude shapes your whole self
  • Pranayama – noticing in which situations in life you restrain your breath and how you come back to the natural breath moving through your body
  • Meditation – focussing on the different ways of meditating to energise, calm and see things as they are – vipassana

Teacher: Jenny Beeken

Jenny originally studied BSc Physics at Exeter, followed by four years hospital work where much useful anatomy was absorbed. In 1979 she left school teaching to study Yoga in India with Shri BKS Iyengar; then taught yoga full time, developing a Teacher training school in 1992 – the Inner Yoga Trust.
Now her influence is from Vanda Scaravelli’s teaching through Diane Long and Sophy Hoare. Vanda was taught one to one by Iyengar together with Yehudi Menhuin.

Vanda adapted Iyengar’s strong, demanding and precise approach to what the western body needs in terms of “Awakening the Spine”. Jenny focuses on this by enlivening the feet, working the legs, opening out the hips and shoulders to engage the inner spinal muscles and ligaments, so transforming our posture and habits of movementFor more information about this retreat please contact Jenny:


  • £580 Full board, shared rooms at Over the Rainbow
  • £620 Full board, single occupancy (only 2 available)
  • £500 Full board, Campervans
  • £460 Full board, non-residential

For more information about the programme please contact

A deposit of £200 will secure your place, please book via the Inner Yoga Trust Website


Yoga Mornings for Yoga Teachers with Jenny Beeken

Jenny Beeken will be running a new monthly Monday morning class in 2019, primarily for Yoga teachers and those with a regular practice.

In the 3 hour class from we will: Practice asana, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation, walking meditation and relaxation all with a focus on moving the spine, transforming our posture and therefore our mind and our lives.

Dates:  18 Feb. 18 March. 15 April. 13 May. 17 June. 15 July
Fees: The cost of each class is £27 (concessions available) £72 if paying for 3 consecutive classes.
Marie will provide a delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch afterwards, (£10) please book lunch directly with Marie

Further Information and Class Booking

Jenny has practiced yoga and meditation for 47 years, originally learning with Shri B.K.S in India, Victor Van Kooten and Angela Farmer. In the last 18years with Diane Long and Sophy Hoare- Scaravelli Inspired yoga, and learning meditation at Cittaviveka, Chithurst Buddhist Monastery and more recently Transcendental Meditation with Alistair Shearer.


Trauma Awareness Training  for Yoga Teachers 

Teachers: Maddy Smith and Rose Thorn
A new, three part experiential course aimed at yoga teachers.

There is increasing evidence that Yoga is a valuable intervention to support people who are recovering from trauma. This is backed up by research and recent developments in the fields of neuroscience and trauma therapy. There is also a growing awareness of the importance of trauma sensitivity in all aspects of yoga teaching and this course has been developed to meet this specific training need.

This is an experiential course aimed at yoga teachers with all levels of teaching experience. It trains you to apply a trauma sensitive approach in all aspects of your teaching; it does not qualify you to deliver trauma treatments as a yoga therapist.

Dates: This course is delivered in three compulsory modules.
(Wednesday – Sunday)
01 – 05 May Module 1: Understanding Trauma – the basics
10 – 14 July Module 2: The Impact and Effects of Trauma / Survival Responses
11 – 15 Sept Module 3: Considerations for Teaching

Fees for each weekend:
£580 Full board, shared rooms
£620 Full board, single occupancy (only three available)
£500 Full board, camping / campervans

A non-refundable deposit of £390 secures your place for all three modules of this course;
There a limited number of spaces on the course offered at a reduced rate to make it more accessible for students.

Further details about the course, the teachers and the application process