We took over the house for a long weekend, we have had a wonderful relaxing break with lots of fun and laughter. The clear skies, the stars, red kites and beautiful beaches were a fantastic added bonus.

L, F&S & the dog

A big thank you for last weekend which was amazing (Salsa & Yoga 2017). Thank you for providing such a lovely space to laugh, dance and relax. The food was gorgeous, thanks also for taking the time to offer fantastic alternatives for the things that I am allergic to. Warmest wishes.

L, Stayed in Oya on 30/09/2017

Did not know what to expect, came to write and this was perfect for freeing my mind. Love all the small loving details

JB Cardiff, Stayed in Parvati on 16/06/2017

So relaxing, very welcoming and understanding hosts. Most appreciated.

IM, Stayed in Nefertiti on 15/06/2017

You have created a truly wonderful space - love the grounds - woodlands and meadow and the house is perfect!


We love it here, been too long since our last visit, you've done a great job, fab place. Hope to be back sooner!


What a beautiful part of Wales to stay in - we recommend the coastal walk… Thank you for such a welcoming place to stay.


This is definitely the right place to spend your holidays. A beautiful house, wonderful relaxing room, great and tasty breakfasts, hospitable hosts [and parents!] the beautiful view when walking along the coast...


The perfect place to come for precious time with very special friends. Thank you for creating a place that nurtures body & soul so thoroughly.


Superb food, comfortable beds, an oasis of calm. Can't wait to come back. Thank you.

LK, Kent., Stayed in Parvati on 29/07/2015

This is such an 'other world', a place to enjoy, relax, reflect absorb and wonder at. The house itself is worthy of a chapter of praise for its originality and sheer wow factor! So glad this place is here!


We had an absolutely fabulous time. Feel relaxed and energised. Loved the snow! Of all the places we've stayed, never felt more at home.


2 quite stressed people, add peace and quiet, plus good food, wonderful views and space = 2 very content and rested people - ready to take on the world. Thank you for this wonderful respite.


It's been a wonderful 3 days for all of us, the room, the food, your hospitality. C particularly likes the ballroom + beach ball! You made us feel like your guests rather than customers. Thank you and good luck for the future.

R, C&C

I've travelled to many corners of the earth, but never have I found what I found here. Thank you, and a special thank you to your mum for looking after us today.


10 things I enjoyed during Friends & Family week: putting up the tent with the boys; looking at the fallen oaks; putting tarpaulin over the shed; buying a still life at the car boot; eating coconut & plantain curry & massive home-made éclairs; watching the Olympics in the library; picking blackberries with my son; painting stones with the girls; the bonfire at night; the big bed in the Fuji.


When this experience is like a dream and I am back to 'ordinary reality' the peace and happiness I found here will remind me that goodness & hope are around the corner.


A really special place to start the New Year. The rooms are absolutely wonderful - spent a lot of time just stopping, standing, looking and appreciating the feel of the place.


Amazing house! What a room! Great food Lots of warmth, very easy going, can't fault a thing! The countryside rocks!!


These past few days have been so long overdue, a desperately needed break from the routine of kids and chores. It's the first time in years we've been cycling together! .. not having the hustle & bustle of a hotel has been truly appreciated. I love your library and could've just spent days holed up in there.


3 Days wasn’t enough last time; a whole week wasn't enough this time!

R, C&C

Everything is here is natural, the surroundings, the food, the warm friendliness. This place is a credit to you and your lovely family - long may you flourish.


I do believe you've found the recipe for success - carefully picking the ingredients and mixing them together in a bowl full of 'Over the Rainbow' stirring in a cupful of good company, a spoonful of peace and a sprinkling of love.


A place for fun, frolics and peaceful reflection. Hasta Luago!


Hello, my name is T, I really loved this house, if you bring a child, it would be good to bring a friend along because there are a lot of things to do in Marie's 18 acres of land. I really enjoyed it, the Fuji room is the best.


This is like a dream finally come true. We wish all those who come here after us all the joy, rest, love, peace and harmony we experienced here.


I loved the co-operative atmosphere in Friends & Family week, the house is full of warmth and I have been made to feel very welcome. Had a great time outside playing football and picking delicious blackberries.


The kids have had a ball, thanks for sharing with us.

The Joneses

Not your run of the mill B&B! Amazing, really enjoyed everything.


I've never stayed in such a spectacular room as this!

J&P, Stayed in Fuji

Beautiful room! Stunning window - fabulous bed Ja romantic paradise

L&M, Stayed in Fuji

I love the window in this room. It was lovely to experience such silence. The chaffinches put on a special trapeze show in the flowering bush! Fun as well as beautiful.

M&J, Stayed in Fuji

There is a Bertold Brecht poem called "Vergnügungen" [Pleasures] in which he lists the simple pleasures of life, it starts - "Der erste blich ans dem Fenster am morgen" [The first look out of the window in the morning] I hope we shall be back to enjoy that simple pleasure again before too long.

L, Stayed in Fuji

It was really great to wake up to such a lovely view over the garden. Seeing the light change from low sunlight to twilight to inky blackness [venus twinkling] at night was amazing!

M, Stayed in Fuji

Thank you for a wonderful week, everything was perfect, watching the buzzards soaring outside the round window, the tasty breakfasts, this amazing room and your warm hospitality.

S&J, Stayed in Fuji

I don't want to go!! This is always such a difficult place to leave because of it's calming relaxing effect. The views, walking up to the picturesque image through the window is always uplifting way to start the day. Thanks for making such a special place.

RM, Stayed in Fuji

Couldn't decide whether we preferred walking through the scenery or staring at it through the window, so we'll have to come back to compare!

I&J, Stayed in Fuji

If only the whole world was a room like this… wouldn't it be a better place!

KJ, Stayed in Fuji

What you have created here is very special, long may you continue. This room is fantastic, the bed blissful and the view beyond words.

J&K, Stayed in Fuji

I guess it's like looking through that round window of our childhood, to see what story lies beyond!

D&K, Stayed in Fuji

The Iris of the world... with nature in her perfect symmetry!

V&C, Stayed in Fuji

The midnight picture through the round window was amazing - we could've been in the Orient itself. The sunlight morning with birdsong streaming in was an idyllic way to start the day.

R&C, Stayed in Fuji

Calm and beautiful room - so good to hear bird song.

T&K, Stayed in Nefertiti

Thank you for quiet, peace & lovely stay in this Egyptian Room.

NB, Stayed in Nefertiti

Peaceful pampering room in a wonderful house in beautiful surroundings provided by a fantastic host. A real time for the soul. Gave us space to recuperate when we needed it most.

J&J, Stayed in Nefertiti

I just love this marshmallow mattress!

J, Stayed in Nefertiti

This is one of the best rooms of the house, me and my friend J stayed in here, I am definitely coming back - you should too!

T (aged 12), Stayed in Nefertiti

Thanks for letting me stay in this room, it's great and the food was splendid, the beaches are good and I'll try to come again, it's the best place in Wales !Thanks!

J (aged 13), Stayed in Nefertiti

Wonderful, light relaxing room with comfy bed and great views. Thank you.

J, Stayed in Nefertiti

Thank you for making such an amazing room! The stars are amazing & the mattress and duvet are possibly the greatest things of this universe. Great breakfast, peaceful surroundings and WARM.

L&H, Stayed in Nefertiti

Great place, with all the comments on this bed, you could become an agent for mattresses and duvets! Great taste surrounds the place from food to décor and friendly mum at the ready… your home is open to like minded people - freedom to be.

S, Stayed in Nefertiti

It was awesome being surrounded by this powerful spiritual painting, Oya the bountiful has blessed us with abundance. Very inspiring and uplifting, you've created a very beautiful space, which we feel honoured to experience.

S, Stayed in Oya


M, Stayed in Oya

Amazing room to rest our heads each night. The whole house has a great aura. Now we've found what's over the rainbow - we'll definitely be back!

T, W & M, Stayed in Oya

What an experience to live in a painting for a day. Very encouraging to see how a vision has come true!

A, Stayed in Oya

This weekend I've been blessed, inspired and nurtured, mind, body and spirit. You're an inspiration to us Black sisters!! Nuff respect.

A, Stayed in Oya

There's a gentleness & peace to this home which soothes the soul. I love the mural in this room, it's so warm and comforting. I'll be thinking of this lovely place in the busy metropolis.

MJ, Stayed in Oya

Lovely time under the gentle eye of Oya

C, Stayed in Oya

Extremely comfortable bed, slept brilliantly, woke rested to birds and nextdoor's cockerel , primroses are out - spring is here. Happy New Year!

Della G, Stayed in Parvati

Gorgeous, utter luxury…. We feel very well cared for. Thanks for a memorable evening talking about Cuba!

T&M, Stayed in Parvati

I saw this place at the early stages and I'm glad to see the way things have evolved - rooms fit for princesses and queens. So glad many are experiencing the fruits of all your endeavours. Stay strong.

Gloria O-S, Stayed in Parvati

Such a lovely peaceful, gentle room and so luxurious.

J&M, Stayed in Parvati

The dinner and breakfast were fantastic - great to know we were eating good veggie/organic fare and not made to feel like nuisances/aliens!


The best veggie food mmmmmm date pudding!


Very relaxing two days, original Jamaican cuisine which was fab!


Fabulous pancakes!

no foot

Lovely food & Smoothies.


Thank you for a great weekend, what a great setting for the handfasting; and delicious food!


Each time we drive down the lane through those iron gates, a peace descends on us. This place is more than just magical, it has a glow all of its own, a light that shines from that beautiful big round window. The perfect setting for our handfasting.


Again, the magic was perfect, thank you for helping to make our special day something to remember forever


Beautiful setting for the civil ceremony. Thank you for all the effort you put in to make us all feel welcome. J's mum.
A lovely venue for a CP, thanks for looking after us so well. J's sister.
All our guests were blown away by the beauty of this place, inside and out and your amazing ability to cope with us all and still be relaxed. I had the most fantastic wedding day imaginable and it could not have happened anywhere other than over the Rainbow. I shall cherish every moment for the rest of my life.


My parents and I had a lovely two night stay and were well looked after by Marie. The property is situated in a leafy, calm and quiet haven, providing a wonderful escape away from the city. The rooms were very comfortable and had all the necessary amenities. Marie provided a delicious breakfast and catered well for diets that were not just vegetarian but also gluten free and vegan. We will remember staying at Over the Rainbow with fond memories and we thank Marie for her hospitality.

S, Stayed in Parvati on 06/09/2016

This hideaway of a guesthouse, deep into The West Welsh countryside, is expertly run by a lovely couple, Marie and Rose. After about 800 metres down a bumpy country lane you enter the property set in 18 acres of beautifully maintained gardens/farmland through a set of ornate iron gates. The house has a homely welcoming feel to it and the hosts add a certain Bohemianism to the atmosphere making it a very special place to stay.

B, Stayed in Fuji on 06/08/2016

Lovely choice of vegetarian and vegan food served in fabulous surroundings by lovely people. Great atmosphere and near to lots of great places to visit on the lovely Ceredigion coast and the Welsh Coastal Path.

PJ, Stayed in Lazy Sunday Brunch on 14/06/2016

Over the Rainbow is a truly wonderful place to stay. I have just got back from a 4 day Womens Walking and Yoga holiday which happens yearly at the end of May. What a wonderful time we all had. There is a delightful tranquillity about the lovely big house, creative comfy rooms, incredible healthy food, beautiful countryside views and most of all the most loveliest hosts you could ever wish to meet. If you are vegetarian or vegan this is the place to be. And if you are not, and fancy a break from meat, this is just the place too. I plan to go back very soon!

SL on 07/06/2016

Fabulous. Your warm welcome, delicious food, restful and nourishing space. Many thanks.

M&L Powys., Stayed in Fuji. on 23/06/2015

Lovely room, delicious food, beautiful people. Big thanks!

B, Borth. Yoga Retreat, Stayed in Single Ensuite on 04/02/2017

Querida Marie, Querida Rose, Que bien he dormido, Que bien he comido, Que bien me he sentido! |Gracias, gracias gracias!
Vengan a verme a El Hierro! Muchos besos seimpre.

Marta, Canary Islands, Stayed in Single Ensuite & Parvati on 16/06/2017

I loved staying in this room, eating Marie's delicious food, and enjoed the walks and visits of the walking holiday week. A really wonderful place to relax and feel at homme

R, Lancashire, Stayed in single Ensuite on 01/06/2017

A much needed break with a much loved friend, made all the more wonderful thanks to Marie! 'Over the Rainbow' is SO welcoming, warm, amazing vegan food, homely, so close to many fantastic places to visit... just perfect. A gem. Hope to come back soon!

A, Stayed in Single Ensuite. on 15/06/2017

Lazy Sunday Brunch at Over the Rainbow today. Welcomed as if we are long lost relatives. As always, imagination & inspirational vegetarian/ vegan food, beautifully presented with love and care. As standard, it is not bog standard, and seem unphased by our complex dietary needs! Wonderful use of herbs, spices and own garden produce. Infused with a delightful mix of being deeply rooted in something Welsh/Wales and an intercultural and diversity ethos. Wish you were here to enjoy this too.

A&R, Stayed in Dining Room on 15/04/2018

Thank you , thank you, thank you. Playback weekend of loveliness and heavenly space here to spend with lovely people.... Glorious food, glorious wonderful spacious setting.... I've had a sumptious and nourished break. The care and time and thought that has gone into creating such a lovely atmosphere and space is really inspiring. I will be back to Over the Rainbow now that I know it exists! xxx

F, Stayed in Parvati on 08/09/2018

Do I really have to leave? Can paradise like this not transport to a city? Well, I will transport myself here instead... My escape from the city. Thank you Parvati - Thank you Marie & Rose - Thank you cute little bunnies & squirrels for your morning forages in the garden! See you again xx

C, Stayed in Parvati on 09/09/2018

We've been coming to OtR for many years and it's the first time we've stayed in the beautiful Oya room. Thank you Marie & Rose, we just love coming here - eating - relaxing - learning - enjoying - 'playing'. Big Hugs.

Breathing Fire Playback, Stayed in Oya on 09/09/2018

“Restful stay in beautiful surroundings” - We had a lovely 3-night stay, and greatly enjoyed the tranquil & beautiful surroundings of the B&B. Our room was spacious and bright, the breakfasts were delicious (and generous!), and Marie made sure we had everything we needed.


Lovely location, excellent accommodation and food was superb. We were well looked after, hope to visit again soon.

MF, Stayed in Parvati

“Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Over the Rainbow.” The rooms are beautifully decorated and the beds so comfortable, which was what we needed after our busy days visiting various towns and hiking up Snowdon. Marie was friendly and accommodating, her vegan cooking amazing with lots of home made recipes (mostly with no name!). We were able to plug our electric car in as well, which really helped with our travels.


“Fabulous stay!” Last month I treated myself to a 3 day solo stay at Over the Rainbow. I had a truly wonderful time and was so well looked after. I got in touch beforehand to request recommendations for yoga classes held locally, and holistic treatments. I was so pleased that I did this; it really made my break therapeutic and restorative. I've fallen in love with west wales and want to move there; I even picked up some business tips from Marie and Rose. The house is gorgeous, very clean and welcoming, and beautifully decorated. Food imaginative, wholesome, tasty and ethically sourced, just my kind of place! I hope to return soon.


“Brilliant” I turned up unexpectedly having booked the wrong date but the owners Rose and Marie went out of their way to accommodate me even though it was the middle of the night! They were fantastic, laid back and friendly hosts and the room was perfect.